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RFID wireless body temperature host,RFID Gateway

Article Source:Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity:1332 Tssuing time:2020-07-24 22:03:15
NFC TO WIFI HOST: (Use with NFC temperature watch)
NFC technology is an efficient and convenient communication technology. NFC watches upload body temperature data to the cloud through an NFC gateway (NFC to WIFI host). After analyzing the big data in the cloud, the data is forwarded to various mobile phones and PCs.
1. The host computer displays the human body temperature value ℃/℉
2. Support charging
3. Support built-in battery power supply
4. Power display
5. Low battery prompt
6. WIFI status indicator
7. Can be handheld and can be hung on the wall
8. Host APP displays temperature value
9. Temperature value displayed on the PC
10. Use with NFC temperature watch

When NFC body temperature watch measures human body temperature, NFC host displays body temperature value and uploads body temperature to the cloud via wifi to provide data for customer big system big data analysis

How to use the host:
NFC to wifi host supports both handheld and wall-mounted usage.
Support two charging methods: direct charging and lithium battery.
1. When the NFC body temperature watch is close to the NFC to wifi host, the gateway will display the measured body temperature data and emit a corresponding sound. If there is over temperature, the person will sound the alarm. At the same time, you can set the body temperature data read by the host to upload to the cloud.
The product application scenarios: schools, governments, hospitals, companies, etc.
2.The NFC host setting APP can bind the relationship between the NFC watch and the user, and the NFC host supports wifi connection. After connecting to the wifi, the data can be uploaded to the server. User information and user temperature data can be displayed through the PC and mobile APP

3.This product is only used with NFC temperature watches

Services we can provide:
1.NFC to WIFI host
2. Provide cloud communication protocol
3. Provide SDK for mobile APP
4. Provide ODM/OEM customized services
5. Support reading high frequency ID card data
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