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LCD Bluetooth body temperature watch

2020-07-24 21:47:44

Product Advantages
1. Ultra-low power consumption and long standby
2. With no backlight technology, the colors are more gorgeous
3. Measure body temperature more accurately, monitor body temperature, check time
4. Long standby time 20 days standby time, 10-15 days actual use
5. Touch Sensitive touch, easy operation
6. Watch strap TPU material, more comfortable to wear
7. Transmit the app to display body temperature synchronously via Bluetooth technology APP to view historical records, APP to set alarm ringtone
8.With a Bluetooth host, the host scans the Bluetooth body temperature watch and uploads the body temperature value to upload the body temperature data to the cloud system
9.The APP/Bluetooth host reads the temperature data of the watch. The normal environment is 10-15M, and the open environment is 60-80M.
The services we can provide: 
1. App synchronously displays temperature data 
2. App customization
3. Hardware Bluetooth protocol docking
4. Provide SDK for secondary development
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