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NFC Thermometer watch

2020-07-24 21:43:08


The NFC temperature watch is our first wearable device that does not use batteries to measure body temperature. Currently only supports Android phones with NFC.
1. NFC temperature watch + mobile APP
   When the NFC host is close to the NFC watch, body temperature data will be read and can be uploaded to the server.
2. NFC temperature watch + NFC host
   The NFC host can be handheld or hung in a fixed location. When the NFC watch is close to the host, the wearer's body temperature can be read, and the temperature is displayed on the host, and there is a normal body temperature sound and an alarm sound.
The NFC host setting APP can bind the relationship between the NFC watch and the user, and the NFC host supports wifi connection. After connecting to the wifi, the data can be uploaded to the server. User information and user temperature data can be displayed through the PC and mobile APP


1. NFC technology-mobile phone needs to support NFC function

2. No battery required

3. Precise measurement

4. Unlimited use

5.TPU safety material wristband

6. Small and beautiful

7. Waterproof level: 5ATM

8.APP displays body temperature data

9. The host displays temperature data

10. Host high temperature tips

11. Body temperature data can be uploaded to the cloud platform

12.APP can set high temperature alarm

13.APP can view historical data at any time

Product Instructions

     The first:
     1. Scan the QR code and download the APP

      2. Open the APP and turn on the NFC function at the same time
      3. The phone APP can display body temperature when close to the NFC watch

      The second type:
      1. The NFC watch is close to the host
      2. The host displays the temperature and voice prompts

      The third type:
      1. The host can upload body temperature data to the cloud platform

Services we can provide:
1. NFC thermometer watch: close to the watch, the phone APP can display body temperature data
2. NFC thermometer host: the watch is close to the host, the host will display temperature data and high temperature prompt
3. APP customization: support customized mobile APP, host
4. Support docking cloud background
5. Support secondary custom development: provide SDK docking


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