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Bluetooth BBQ food barbecue thermometer app development

The category:BLE Product

Product introduction:Bluetooth BBQ food barbecue thermometer app development smart BBQ food barbecue thermometer app development

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Bluetooth BBQ food barbecue thermometer app development

Development of smart BBQ food barbecue thermometer app

BBQ is also very popular and common in China and abroad in recent years. Barbecuing is a more popular way of cooking during picnics or camping out. Especially in summer, find a beautiful place,
Meet friends or family members, have a barbecue party outdoors, bring home-made ingredients, and have a barbecue together.
In fact, the editor thinks that BBQ is also a troublesome thing. It requires people to operate and flip around, for fear that if the food is accidentally cooked, it will be bad.
And standing next to a smoky oven, summer is even more difficult.
Galloping Network has developed a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer that can display the internal temperature of food through the app. What’s more amazing is that this BBQ BBQ thermometer can be placed directly in the oven and grilled with the food, allowing users to pass more intuitively. The app understands the internal temperature of the food,

To provide customers with convenience and prevent food from burning, we made the Bluetooth BBQ thermometer into a charging form, which is convenient to carry, and it can be charged by the USB interface. It is very convenient. In this way, the food that is baked can be displayed through the app. Health is the most nutritious.

The Bluetooth thermometer BBQ barbecue App is developed and customized, and different UIs can be customized according to customer needs, and can be connected to the customer's Bluetooth private protocol.
At the same time, our BBQ barbecue thermometers can be sold with ovens to add luster to customers' oven products.

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