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Bluetooth ear temperature infrared thermometer

The category:BLE Product

Product introduction:Bluetooth ear temperature infrared thermometer, Bluetooth ear temperature gun + forehead temperature gun, smart ear temperature infrared thermometer, smart ear temperature gun, Bluetooth ear temperature thermometer

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Product selling points:

1. Precision probe: 1-3cm
2. One key operation,
3. One second temperature measurement
4. High temperature warning
5. Backlight display
6. Mirror texture
7. HD large screen
8. Automatic shutdown: 15 seconds automatic shutdown
9. Smart chip
10. One machine with multiple functions: measuring the human body,
                      Objects (milk temperature, rice temperature, water temperature), freely switch
11. Memory function: 32 groups of memory function
12. Non-contact
13. Ear thermometer + forehead thermometer
13.Bluetooth function
14. Mobile APP display

Smart ear thermometer + forehead thermometer


1. Transmit the body temperature of the forehead gun to the APP via Bluetooth in time
2. The Bluetooth temperature gun and the app simultaneously display temperature data
3. APP sets high temperature alarm. When the body temperature reaches a fever state, the app can sound an alarm to remind the user
4. View the daily data record of the front temperature gun, you can select the date
5. App can transmit human body data to management system and platform (customer's own system) through big data

What we can provide

1. Bluetooth thermometer: App displays temperature data synchronously
2. App customization
3. Hardware Bluetooth protocol docking
4. Provide sdk for secondary development 

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