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Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Beitutu Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Thermometer Development Manufacturer

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About us
Professional customized smart body temperature series products research and development, production , sales.

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Enterprise idea

Enterprise idea

Create value for customers and benefit for enterprises;
Creates opportunities for employees and wealth for society.

Corporate mission

Corporate mission

Electric power creates a better future

Enterprise spirit

Enterprise spirit

Want to master, do master work, master responsibility, enjoy master music, pragmatic, innovative, the pursuit of excellence.

Donghui Mechanical and electrical

Provide reliable power for all kinds of electric products -- is the only pursuit of donghui electromechanical;

To provide customers with quality products and quality services at a reasonable price -- is the only goal of donghui electromechanical manufacturing co., LTD.

We make unremitting efforts to provide customers with high quality micromotor products.

Service Hotline 8613500063673



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